How does war in Ukraine affect world order?

How does war in Ukraine affect world order?

In the opinion of national and international experts, Russia’s military incursion into Ukraine breaks all the rules of the international right and that world order entered into crisis by the invasion.

The experts pointed out during the panel “Russia-Ukraine conflict: a political and humanitarian perspective”, that the United Nations World Organization has been unable to impose order in the armed conflict in which, according to reports, thousands of civilians and soldiers from both countries have died.

The panel It was organized by the University of the Caribbean (Unicaribe), the International Academy of Political-Administrative Sciences and Future Studies (Iapas) and the Circle of Democratic Culture (CCD). The act analyzed how the military conflict will impact the Dominican Republic and the region, details a statement from the house of higher studies.

The panel It was attended by José Singer Weisinger, honorary adviser to the Executive Branch and former ambassador of the Dominican Republic to the UN National Security Council; Katherine Almeida, professor at the Faculty of the Inter-American Defense College in Washington; Ricardo Uvalle Berrones and Héctor Zamitiz Gamboa, professors at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

Likewise, Cristina Aguiar, advisory ambassador for human rights at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MIREX); in an event moderated by Dr. Zoraima Cuello, Executive Vice President of UNICARIBE; and Dr. Roberto Moreno, president of IAPAS.

For Singer, what is happening in Ukraine is a great human tragedy, and he considered that Russia has done damage to itself that will reverberate for generations in every way.

“Russia has taken an action that has left the world perplexed that, instead of resorting to diplomacy to solve the problem, they have decided to invade Ukraine as a way to protect themselves from what they allege affects their interests, something that is, In my opinion, an embarrassment to the multilateral system, when the Russians themselves in 1994 recognized the sovereignty of Ukraine, and it surrenders its nuclear weapons”, he asserted.

While Professor Almeida maintained that, if the conflict spreads, food security will be affected in the region, not only because of the instability in oil prices, but also because of the fertilizers that arrive from Russia, which are used for agriculture.

“We are already feeling this impact at the macroeconomic level and in the strategic decisions of our States, the crisis is manifesting itself,” he said.

For Professor Zamitiz Gamboa, the conflict must be seen as a critical turning point in world history, since he understands that it marks the end of the post-Cold War period or a setback for free Europe, and he qualifies it as a geopolitical problem. He considers that Russia has entered into a dangerous power game that affects the rest of the countries, with the intention, in his opinion, of the Russian president to reassemble what was the former Soviet Union.

On his side, Professor Uvalle Berrones said that Ukraine is the most fragile and weak power at this time, understanding that it was outside the protection of NATO and the European Union, and that the international order failed by not being able to stop the behavior violence organized by Russia against Ukraine.

The diplomat Aguiar made an analysis of the international right and humanitarian, as well as the legal principles that, in his opinion, have been violated by Russia when it invaded Ukraine.


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