Housing subsidy: why so many delays in the delivery of houses?

Housing subsidy: why so many delays in the delivery of houses?

In the country, 21,000 people started the home buying process with support from the Government, and to date they have not received their house due to problems in the execution of the projects, according to the Comptroller General of the Nation.

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There are 15 housing projects with suspensions greater than 3 months. There are currently 31 projects under permanent monitoring by the Immediate Reaction Unit of the Information, Analysis and Immediate Reaction Directorate (Diari)“, informed María Fernanda Rangel, director of the Diari.

Along with this, other 6,964 people accessed housing subsidies, which are still not effective. According to Javier Reyes, Deputy Comptroller for Housing and Basic Sanitation, the problem lies in the territorial entities where the projects were carried out and in the contractors who have not fulfilled their delivery commitments.

Weaknesses were found in the supervision, monitoring and auditing and flaws in the selection process of the executors of the projects.Reyes pointed out during a virtual conversation.

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From the Comptroller General they have followed up on 21 projects of this type that do not have a contractor or were settled ahead of schedule, according to the official. This problem would be occurring, mainly, in La Guajira, Cesar and Tolima.

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The breaches would be part of the Free Housing Program II, which had a budget for the construction of 30 thousand houses for vulnerable population.


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