House Committee approves appointment of Minister of Economy

The Public Security Commission of the Chamber of Deputies approved this Tuesday (7th) the summons of the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes. As it is a summons, the minister is obliged to attend the commission. The date of the hearing is yet to be set.House Committee approves appointment of Minister of EconomyHouse Committee approves appointment of Minister of Economy

The request, signed by deputies Luis Miranda (Republicans-DF) and Sub-Lieutenant Gonzaga (PSD-MG), asks Guedes to talk about the salary increase promised by President Jair Bolsonaro to security agents who receive funds from the Union, such as the Federal Police, Federal Highway, Criminal Police, Civil Police of the Federal District, Military Police of the Federal District and the Military Fire Department of the Federal District.

The authors of the proposal claimed that, in a public hearing at the commission itself, the Minister of Justice and Public Security, Anderson Torres, said that he had sent the proposals of the class entities to the Ministry of Economy and that all negotiations on the matter would be decided in that folder. .

salary readjustment

Guedes’ call comes after uncertainty about the 5% readjustment to federal servants promised by the government. Yesterday (6), the Ministry of Economy released a detail of the Income and Expenses Evaluation Report for the second two months, released at the end of May.

The values ​​presented in the document do not include a possible linear adjustment of 5% for functionalism. This increase would cost more R$ 6.3 billion to the federal coffers and would require additional contingency in the Budget. The Fiscal Responsibility Law allows adjustments to replace losses with inflation until June 30 in the last year of each term.

*With information from the Chamber Agency

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