Hospital de Encarnación received important donations from UNAE

The Autonomous University of Encarnación Complex delivered the donations managed within the framework of the 23rd Social Responsibility Community Project Correcaminata Solidaria “a new career”.

The parents’ shelter of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), medical area of ​​the PICU and the Neonatal Therapy Unit of the Regional Hospital of Encarnación were benefited with equipment, furniture and supplies.

The delivery was made yesterday at the premises of the Encarnación health center. Rector Nadia Czeraniuk, accompanied by members of the UNAE academic community, delivered the repairs made in the UTIP parents’ shelter: roof insulation and repair, internal and external painting, supply and installation of air conditioning , countertop construction, laundry sink.

There is also a significant amount of appliances, shelter furniture, various elements and supplies and non-perishable food. For the medical area, space hospital clothing, scales, pediatric gowns, stoves, refrigerator, air conditioning, electric drinking fountain and others were delivered.

The public delivery of the donations is possible thanks to the contributions obtained from companies and individuals, as well as the proceeds from the 23rd Solidarity Run, held on Saturday June 25 at the Costanera San José, organized by the university, the Higher Institute of Education and Divina Esperanza School, with the voluntary work of students, parents, teachers and officials.

The Solidarity Correcaminata is a community project of social responsibility of the UNAE and its associated institutions, it has been carried out uninterruptedly since the year 2000. This edition focused on gathering a list of requirements for the shelter for parents of children and the medical area of ​​the UTIP of the Regional Hospital of Encarnacion.

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