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Horacio Rodríguez Larreta assured that he will do everything to guarantee security in the City

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta assured that he will do everything to guarantee security in the City

After the clashes that took place last weekend at Cristina Kirchner’s residence between demonstrators and the City police, a judge ordered Horacio Rodriguez Larreta remove the troops from the area.

Judge Roberto Gallardo, with jurisdiction in the area of ​​the Federal Capital, ordered the goverment’s head to immediately cease the operations that are being carried out in the house of the vice president, on what Horacio Rodriguez Larreta He replied that he will appeal the ruling.

For a week hundreds of militants have held vigils in front of the vice president’s house.

The judge’s decision states: “Order the Head of Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Lic. Horacio Rodriguez Larretawhich through the Ministry of City Security, Immediately cease the execution of any police operation directly or indirectly linked to the custody of the person, family, and/or domicile of the Vice President of the Nation“.

In response, the head of government said today that “Judge Gallardo is aligned with Kirchnerism and has no jurisdiction on the subject. He issued a ruling in which he tries, in a very confusing way, to order us to clear the street. He orders us not to deal with security in the City of Buenos Aires anymore, which is a constitutional responsibility and with all the neighbors”.

And he continued: “Obviously we are going to appeal the ruling, we are going to challenge the judge, because no one can force us to evade our obligations, much less one of the most important for the City, which is caring for security. We have the responsibility, but we also have the autonomy that the Constitution gives us.”

At the time, the president defended himself against the criticism received by the operation that was carried out over the weekend, and assured that the troops “They were attacked with great violence and there were 20 soldiers injured. The water hydrant truck only acted when the fences were knocked down. There was not a single protester injured and that is another example of the professionalism of the Police”.

And he added that “only in Argentina can a fence be taken as a provocation”, for which he stressed that he feels very proud of the work carried out by the police to maintain security and order in the City.

Larreta’s request to Cristina Kirchner

The Buenos Aires President assured that Cristina Kirchner has incited violence with her statements, for which she asked her to deal with the country’s problems and not generate more confrontations.

“Do not continue inciting aggression and violence. Do not continue with your statements throwing more gasoline on the fire. It is exactly the opposite of what Argentina needs. We need to live together, live in peace. His statements are distractions that have nothing to do with the priorities of the country, ”he asserted.

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