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Honor Colorado leads with half the tables counted

For the political consultant Caio Manhanelli, the presidential candidate Santiago Peña was one of the few who made solid proposals to the electorate in these party internals.

In the studios of the GEN channel, the political consultant Caio Manhanelli This Sunday he carried out a reading of the campaign season and the proposals of the different candidates.

In this sense, the expert mentioned that by analyzing the Colorado Party and the Concertación, he could see that Few pre-candidates ventured to make solid political proposals for the population, when they could take advantage and install a political agenda.

He pointed out that Santiago Peña did use communication more to get his proposals to the electorate, in addition to doing it through TV channels, radios and other traditional media, he opted for billboards to inform about his government plans. “Was a measure with a view to the generals of 2023, and is positioned as the winner when he already makes a proposal”, he referred.

According to the gaze of the interviewee, in the 2018 the ANR won the Presidency of the Republic but the chosen one, Mario Abdo Benítez, did not have a clear proposal for the people. “Today the ANR has another position,” she said.

Manhanelli indicated that voting is a multi-causal phenomenon and that the worst campaign that can occur is to urge people to vote only for color (political party). “In the same way the campaign ANR Nunca Más was also terriblebecause he ended up helping the Colorado Party with votes”, he highlighted.

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