Homosexual marriage is the door to a series of public policies, laws that follow: Jean Marcel Chéry

Angel Valdes | January 12, 2023

The candidate for deputy for free application and member of Radix, Jean Marcell Chéry, referred to the protest carried out on the steps of the Supreme Court of Justice by the Profamilia groups that defend traditional values ​​and marriage between men and women.

Chéry made a comparison of what occurs in Costa Rican territory on the issue of equal marriage “in Costa Rica in 2020, homosexual marriage was approved and 48 months later the first adoption of a child by homosexual couples was approved, Because these are measures taken by the authorities as a consequence of gay marriage, this is the door to a series of public policies that follow.”

In this protest, a note addressed to the magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice was delivered, where the legal, scientific, and sociocultural arguments were explained as to why only marriage between a man and a woman should be recognized in Panama.

“An approval of equal marriage would allow adoptions of children by homosexual couples, the LGTBI+ collective would immediately ask the education authorities to allow these families of two fathers or two mothers, which would be legal, to be taught in schools. the curriculum of public and private schools and begin to indoctrinate our children about their language of diversity that they use,” said Cherry.

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