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Homes in Providencia: this is what the consortium that built them says

Homes in Providencia: this is what the consortium that built them says

After the visit of the president, Gustavo Petro to Providencia, a debate arose around the warning made by the president about the cost overruns for homes on the islandheavily affected by Hurricane Iota in 2020.

(Abecé of the controversy over cost overruns in works in Providencia).

.“It’s almost $10 million per m2. Why such an amazing value? How can a concrete house with zinc tiles, something with a steel structure, be worth $600 million in Providencia?” Petro said.

The Providencia consortium, made up of the construction companies Marval, Amarilo and Bolívar, gave ca to know how the work is carried out, and the factors behind a cost of $640 million for each home.

(Response from former Duke officials to Petro for works in Providencia).

In principle, through a statement, the consortium announced that a contract of work under the modality of delegated administration free of chargethat is to say, all the experience and capacity of the builders were made available, without receiving money for fees and without directing the management to obtain economic remuneration.

Under this figure, affirmed the consortium, “it acts following the instructions of its contractors, Findeter and Fiduagraria (…) In turn, the construction of the houses is done with resources that are made available to the Consortium in the autonomous patrimony “.

housing costs

According to the Providencia Consortium, several factors have influenced the final value of each home, which is around $640 millionalso detailing that “the design, area and finishes do not correspond to that of a social interest home”.

One of the factors is that the houses weigh 75 tons and, to transport the materials from one of these houses to Providencia, you must have 8 containers of 20 feet and/or 10 tons.”

(Faults found by the Attorney General’s Office in the reconstruction of Providencia).

“This has been one of the conditions that has represented the highest costs for the construction of housing. All materials must be transported by land to the Port of Cartagena, from where they leave by sea and travel another 800 kilometers to disembark at a single dock that Providencia has in operation, since the second was completely destroyed by the hurricane,” he added. .

In addition to the above, the consortium mentioned the delays in unloading material, the Covid-19 pandemic, the National Strike that blocked the supply chainthe global steel shortage crisis, the lack of shipping containers and the lack of skilled labor.

In addition to “technical difficulties with the identification of the land; the lack of availability of drinking water for workers; the scarcity of water for other construction processes; the lack of accommodation for technical personnel, construction personnel and construction equipment ; the late demolitions and delivery of the land; and spikes in contagion by Covid-19 “.


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