Two officials from Nuevitas enter the list of Cuban repressors

Two officials from Nuevitas enter the list of Cuban repressors

The Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba (FDHC) incorporated this Monday to the repressor database sponsoring two officials who lashed out at protesters from nuevitasCamaguey, during the last protests.

One of them is Roberto Conde Silverio, first secretary of the Communist Party in the city, whom they accuse of ordering “the persecution, repression and intimidation of the people” that went out peacefully the past 19 and 20th of August.

The police and paramilitaries, indicates the collected token on the list of repressors, they responded to the official’s call “with physical attacks on the protesters, including two girls.”

The second repressor identified is Alien “o Allen” Velázquez, state security agentreported as “the ringleader in the beating they received in the neighborhood of Pastelillo, in Nuevitas, two 11-year-old girls who were trying to prevent the repressors from arresting José Armando Torrente, one of the adults who went out to protest on Saturday, August 20, 2022 for the blackouts of up to 18 hours “.

One of the minors is Torrente’s daughter, Gerlin Torrente Echevarría.

“We warn about possible traumas that the repression could cause to the girls attacked during the protest in Pastelillo del 19,” he asserted. Justice 11J in a statement made public this Monday on their social networks. “Until today they continue with pain and fever. According to what a relative told us, one of them has insomnia problems because of the pain.”

They confirm the identity of a detained minor under 17, Kenay Perdomo Soria, who participated in the Camalote demonstration on Saturday

At that time, the legal platform indicated, the police were in the Pastelillo neighborhood, looking for protesters that they had not been able to locate. “The repression in Nuevitas continues, although the official media insist on showing a region in false calm,” says the text.

In it, they also point out that Roberto Reyes Montenegro is “in forced disappearance” and warns that the 58-year-old man is epileptic and suffers from high blood pressure. “The neighbors say that on the 20th he was mounted on the truck that collected protesters from Camalote [en la misma provincia de Camagüey, a 52 kilómetros de Nuevitas]. His family still doesn’t know about him, “they narrate.

Adisnel Hernández Ricardo, until this Monday reported missing, was confirmed in detention. Similarly, the organization records Lester Camejo, Orlando Pérez Cruz, Yoandry Lescay, Menkel Menéndez Vargas, Chicho Bonilla as detainees.

In this last case, Justice 11J denounces that on Sunday the 21st “her house was raided, in which an 80-year-old woman (who fainted on the spot) and a one-month-old baby also live.” In the assault, the organization refers, “more than 20 red berets participated” accompanied by police dogs.

The platform also includes the complaint made by The Cayman Free of “the beating and imprisonment of a mother who demanded the release of her son” in the town of Camalote, whose identity is not yet known.

They also confirm the identity of a detained minor under 17 years of age, Kenay Perdomo Soria, who participated in the Camalote demonstration on Saturday. “Kenay will be criminally treated as an adult, despite the fact that the Convention on the Rights of the Child recognizes as such any person under 18 years of age,” says Justicia 11J.

Since June 14, when the cacerolazos began on the island to protest the “scheduled blackouts,” the organization has documented 77 demonstrations, in which a total of 49 people have been arrested. Among them, 14 are from Nuevitas, the last city to rise up against the government.


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