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Starting this Tuesday, August 2, until Saturday, August 6, Pinta Sud invites tours of 18 galleries:

Current Art, Artistic, Art Space, BGN/Arte, Casa Mayor, Del Rey, Expressions, Fuga Centro, Factory Gallery/Art Club, Fuga Villa Morra, Exahedro Gallery, Matices Gallery, Pablo Ávila and Martha Manchini Gallery.

In addition, Latin American Art Home Gallery, Multiarte, Planta Libre, Verónica Torres Art Collection and Viedma Arte. Additionally, the Tranvía 13 project space will open its doors to the general public.

This circuit takes place under the title of Gallery Night, a tour of different art galleries in the city of Asunción.

During the week, visits can be made to exhibitions at the CAV/Museo del Barro, the Migliorisi Foundation, the Sacred Art Museum, the Texo Foundation, the Juan de Salazar Cultural Center of Spain and the Citibank Cultural Center.

“Both galleries and museums and, in general, all art spaces, whatever their nature, play the important role of activating artistic production, disseminating it and making it circulate. What we call the art system is a complex circuit, with a multitude of agents whose actions guide the discourse of art in various directions. Everything is intertwined in a very lively plot that even integrates the exercise of dissent”, commented Adriana Almada, central curator of Pinta Sud ASU.

Below are the dates, times, authors and curators of each sample that makes up the official program of the fair:

Tuesday 2 at 6:00 p.m.:

– Visual Arts Center / Clay Museum

After a few words of welcome by the directors Ticio Escobar and Osvaldo Salerno, there will be a tour of the permanent collection and the temporary exhibitions.

– The forms of chaos, collective exhibition of Ibero-American artists curated by Francis Naranjo in the Josefina Plá room.

– Future. Common life at the wrong time, collective exhibition curated by Damián Cabrera Sala Olga Blinder.

– El cabinet, collective exhibition curated by Ticio Escobar and Osvaldo Salerno at the Migliorisi Foundation.

At 7:00 p.m.:

– Current Art
Figure / Background, exhibition by Oz Montanía. Curated by Carlos Cortázar.

– Artistic – Art Space
The crossroads, exhibition by Marcos Benítez. Curated by Ticio Escobar.

– Viedma Art
Ripples of memory, exhibition by Adriana González Brun. Curated by Adriana Almada.

Wednesday 3 at 10.30:

– Citibank Cultural Center
Life is short. Mendoza Collection. Contemporary Art of Paraguay. Curated by Adriana Almada.

At 7:00 p.m.:

– Major House
Walking through the leaves and remembering the future, an exhibition by Claudia Coca and Claudia Casarino. Curated by Keyna Eleison.

The only Greater Hope asset, facility, and items in the Experimental Cabin. Curated by Damián Cabrera.

– Veronica Torres
Fragile land, exhibition of ceramics by Jorge Enciso. Curated by Fernando Moure.

– BGN Art
Tomorrow dawns, exhibition by Joaquín Sánchez. Curated by Adriana Almada.

– King’s Gallery
Breaks in abstraction, exhibition by Nes Gadol.

– Escape Villa Morra
The medium and the scribe, exhibition by Fredi Casco. Curated by Adriana Almada.

At 8:30 p.m.:

– Museum of Sacred Art
Visit to the permanent collection.

Thursday 4 at 7:00 p.m.:

– Leak Center
Traveling: Ángel Yegros and William Riquelme. Beyond Los Novísimos. Curated by Adriana Almada.

– Factory Gallery/Art Club
The house of words, an exhibition by Silvana Domínguez.

– Exahedron
Clandestinas, exhibition by Carlo Spatuzza. Curated by Carlos Sosa Rabito.

– nuances
I give you my hands. Indigenous and popular art of Paraguay. Curated by Alban Martínez Gueyraud.

Friday 5 at 7:00 p.m.:

– Expressions
Tembiapó, paintings by Osvaldo Pitoé. Curatorial text by Ticio Escobar.

– Martha Manchini
Lucius Aquinas. Dreams of an artist. Show homage.

– Free Floor (Avda. Primer Presidente 3660 – Fragata Building).
Klaus Henning and Javier Medina Verdolini in dialogue. Photographs.

Saturday 6 at 2:00 p.m.:

– Cultural Center of Spain Juan de Salazar
The persistence of the sensible, collective exhibition of Associated Paraguayan Visual Artists (AVISPA). Curated by Leticia Alvarenga and Luis Ocampos Pompa.

At 3:00 p.m.:

– Texo Foundation for Contemporary Art
Now or never, exhibition by Bettina Brizuela. Curated by Fredi Casco.

– Paul Avila
The secret of color, exhibition by Renatta Ávila and Ana Carina Aranda. Curated by María Eugenia Ruiz.

– Leak Center
Traveling: Ángel Yegros and William Riquelme. Beyond Los Novísimos. Curated by Adriana Almada.

– Multiart
Open Tabs: They were girls, installation by Sandra Dinnendhal López.

Sunday 7 at 10:30 a.m.:

– Lake Cultural Center
The time of affection, exhibition by Belén Rodríguez. Curated by María José Fiorio.

App Pinta Sud

In order to facilitate registration and bring the activities closer to all those interested in an organized and simple way, Pinta Sud ASU will have its own active application during the week. In this app, available for iOS and Android, the public can register for guided tours of museums and artists’ workshops, check the complete schedule and access all the details of the programme.

About Pinta and Diego Costa Peuser

Pinta Sud is an event that comes to join the Pinta fairs, which already have more than 15 years of experience bringing Latin American art to the world since the launch of BAphoto (Buenos Aires Photo), the most important art fair specialized in photography in Latin America, in 2005.

This universe is made up of Pinta Miami (USA), Pinta PArC (Peru Contemporary Art), Pinta BAphoto (Argentina) and Pinta Sud, events organized by a professional team led by Diego Costa Peuser.

Diego Costa Peuser is a cultural manager specialized in Latin American art. In this field, he has led various initiatives that have allowed a greater and better understanding of artistic creation in the region. He is the director of the magazine Arte al Día Internacional, founded 42 years ago and considered a leader among media specialized in Ibero-American art.

He is co-creator and director of influential art fairs in Buenos Aires, Lima, Miami, New York, London and, soon, Basel. In 2010 he was distinguished as one of the hundred most influential Hispanics in Florida (United States) and from 2011 to 2015 he was part of the Miami Board of the TECHO Foundation.

About Oz Montanía

Oz Montanía (Asunción, 1985) is a designer, illustrator, urban artist and project manager with artistic influences ranging from Paraguayan popular culture, comics, music, graffiti, low brow, to local indigenous mythology.

His work includes large-format murals on buildings, interventions in public spaces, large-format canvases and abstract sculptures. In addition to his personal work, he is dedicated to giving mural workshops at different levels and managing projects such as Latido Americano that combine art, culture, muralism and community.

His work has led him to paint or exhibit in cities such as Toronto, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Bogotá, Cartagena, Dominican Republic, Quito, Lima, Santiago de Chile, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Montevideo, Berlin, Amsterdam. , Paris, Perpignan, Helsinki, Johannesburg and Tokyo, among others.

For more information, the website https://sud.pinta.art and the Instagram account @pinta.artofficial are available.

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