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Hitman in Central and capital: local gangs displace PCC and fight each other, says Police

The commander of the National Police, Gilberto Fleitas, said that this expansion is due to the fact that Paraguayan organized crime gangs operate in the area of ​​influence of the capital and Greater Asunción.

“This has consequences in Asunción and Central, because the bosses (of drug trafficking) begin to fight each other for the market,” said Fleitas, when approached on the subject.

Another variable that appears on the progress of cases of hired killers in the metropolitan area, he added, is that the Paraguayan gangs (mainly the Rotela clan) have become strong in the prisons, to the point that they displaced the powerful PCC and Comando Vermelho cartels. , of the hegemony of commands in prisons.

“The fear that existed that the PCC would take over the country’s prisons has been diminishing, but in return the Paraguayan criminal gangs that have been displacing it have been strengthened,” remarked Commissioner Fleitas.

The number one of the police command meant that the solution to the progress of drug traffickers in areas of the capital must come from more investment in technology, on the one hand. And attacking the issue of consumption, which is increasing, thus widening the market, on the other.

“We cannot improve the statistics in one or two months,” he replied when he was pointed out about the problem of the substantial growth of the problem of deaths by contract.

The entrance Hitman in Central and capital: local gangs displace PCC and fight each other, says Police was first published in diary TODAY.

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