Hidroituango: EPM and CCC Ituango negotiate contract extension date

Hidroituango: EPM and CCC Ituango negotiate contract extension date

What does EPM say?

The manager of EPM, Jorge Carrillo, said the agreements are not final, as it has not been agreed for how long the current contractors remain.

“It is necessary to define what is the point at which EPM determines that the continuity of the contractor and It is up to them under what conditions they are proposed to provide that service “, he pointed.

Despite the fact that the mayor of Medellín, Daniel Quintero Calle, announced a bidding process in Hidroituango, which would begin on November 15, Carrillo did not assure that it will take place on those dates.

Meanwhile, he said that “whatever will be presented in the bidding process, we are preparing to give more information” and explained that, “Until agreements are reached, there would be no talk of a firm schedule. ”

On the other hand, Mayor Daniel Quintero reported that this Monday in the Governing Council future terms of $ 1.1 billion were approved to prepare in the event that contractors fail to assign the contract, if the Comptroller’s Office finalizes the first instance ruling that found them fiscally liable for the contingency.

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