Hidrocapital repairs damage through the 1×10 System in Caracas

This Saturday, the mayor of Caracas, A/J Carmen Meléndez, went to Avenida México with the Hidrocapital crews to respond to complaints made through the 1×10 of the Good Government of some breakdowns in water pipes.

Meléndez pointed out: “Immediately, we went to Mexico Avenue, in the center of our capital, together with the head of Hidrocapital who evaluated and technically said that the tank was cleaned, as a result of the rains and the water table of the ground, which caused it to overflow.

It should be noted that from the Caracas Polyhedron, in La Rinconada, the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro Moros, led last week the activation of the Good Government 1×10 system to strengthen public management with the direct participation of People’s Power.

Through a message on his Twitter account, @NicolasMaduro, he stressed that the 1×10 of the Good Government will allow “further empowering the People’s Power to advance towards the future of greatness”, while emphasizing that Venezuela will assume the technological vanguard for the timely care of Venezuelans.

The construction of the 1×10 of Good Government is one of the strategic lines of the year 2022, whose definition is based on the 3R.NETS as a mechanism to guarantee the direct connection with the denunciation and proposals of the people.
In this sense, the 1×10 of the Good Government is called to turn the communities into protagonists of the denunciation and the solution of their problems.


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