Heavy rains cause flooding in Rio de Janeiro

Heavy rains cause flooding in Rio de Janeiro

The passage of a cold front along the coast of Rio de Janeiro caused heavy rains since the afternoon of Monday (7), causing flooding in the capital and in cities in the Baixada Fluminense. Rio entered the mobilization stage at 3 pm yesterday, which remains until this morning.Heavy rains cause flooding in Rio de Janeiro

This stage is the second level on a scale of five, indicating that there are risks of high impact occurrences in the city. According to the Operations Center (COR), since yesterday, 22 occurrences related to rains have been recorded, most of them forming pockets of water in neighborhoods in the north and west.

Trees fell in Barra da Tijuca, Magalhães Bastos and Barra de Guaratiba. Flooding was recorded in Inhoaíba and Guaratiba, both in the west of the city.

Baixada Fluminense

In Duque de Caxias, in Baixada Fluminense, the attention stage was activated late yesterday afternoon (7). The municipal Civil Defense triggered 18 warning sirens in the municipality and recorded flooding in the neighborhoods of Santa Alice, Xerém, Pilar, Pioneira, Jardim Primavera, Centro and 25 de Agosto. A wall fell in the neighborhoods of Mantiquira and São Judas Tadeu, with no casualties.

Nova Iguaçu, also in Baixada, activated the attention stage yesterday afternoon, due to the forecast of moderate to heavy rain showers during the late afternoon and night and early in the morning today (8).


According to Alerta Rio, this morning the rain cores that act in Sepetiba Bay are moving towards the West Zone of Rio, which can cause light rain in the vicinity of Guaratiba, Sepetiba and Grota Funda.

The accumulated 24-hour rainfall reached 46.4mm in Mendanha and 42.2mm in Campo Grande, in the west zone. This morning there was only light rain.

For today (8), the forecast is that the weather will remain unstable, due to the passage of a cold front through the ocean acting in conjunction with a channel of humidity. The sky is cloudy to overcast, with light to moderate rain forecast at any time in the capital. Winds will be moderate to strong, with temperature declining. The minimum is 20°C and the maximum is 29°C.

Tomorrow (9), the sky will be cloudy to overcast, with light to moderate rain at any time of the day and light to moderate wind. The temperature will be stable, with a minimum of 20ºC and a maximum of 28ºC.

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