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Heavy rains and floods will persist in eastern Cuba

Heavy rains persist in the central and eastern regions of Cuba, with significant accumulations during the last 24 hours, according to the latest special notice from the Institute of Meteorology (Insmet).

This hydrometeorological situation will continue to affect this area, mainly from Camagüey to the province of Santiago de Cuba and in isolated localities of Matanzas, Cienfuegos and Sancti Spíritus.

The National Institute of Hydraulic Resources reports significant accumulations in 53 rain gauges with rainfall above 100 millimeters.

These conditions of atmospheric instability will be maintained over the entire national territory in the next 24 hours. The trough will have very little movement, so the activity of showers, rains and electrical storms will persist in much of the country.

The Radio Bayamo station, from the Granma province, shared impressive images on networks showing the flooding of the Bayamo River in the area known as El Chapuzón, where the water reached a height up to the treetops.

Eleven towns in the province register cumulative amounts that exceed the fall of 200 millimeters of water during the last 24 hours. The main incidences are found in the mountainous municipalities of Bartolomé Mason and Buey Arriba, as well as in Jiguaní and Bayamo.

In Santiago de Cuba, the Parada and Gota Blanca dams, which were in critical condition due to the drought, have improved their situation to 37% and 41%, respectively.

There is still 43% capacity available in the reservoirs to guarantee the supply of water in case of drought. However, there are effects on the water supply to the population due to the lack of chemicals in the treatment plants and pipe breaks.

In the demarcation of the Santiago municipality of San Luis, there is a danger of the collapse of two dams due to malfunctioning of the spillways.

The Santiago reservoirs have increased by 24% and have been reversed by 168 million cubic meters.

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