Heavy rains and floods in eastern Cuba

heavy rains and floods have affected eastern Cuba in the last 24 hours, according to reports by the press and users on social networks.

The rainfall has caused the overflow of rivers such as the Contramaestre, Mogote and Filé, which in turn has led to the inflow of water into various populations, isolated towns and even the collapse of bridges.

Places like Cruce de los Baños, Matías, La Leonor, Santa Rosa, Vega de Limones and Sagua de Tánamo have been seriously affected by the intensity of the rains. From Baracoa and Yateras there are also reports about flooding of rivers, public Radio Guantanamo.

The government authorities of the Guantanamo territory called on the population to take extreme measures to preserve life and material resources in the face of the danger of flooding. The railings of the Confluente bridge, which connects the North with the East zone of the sixth most populous city in Cuba, were removed, the note added.

In Mayarí, Holguín municipality, the Arroyo Seco bridge collapsed. The event occurred at one o’clock in the morning today as a consequence of a sudden flooding of the Mayarí river, according to Crystal TV.

The publication points out that the direct link with six communities of Mayarí and the territory of the Second Front, in the neighboring province of Santiago de Cuba, was lost.

He also refers that in Sagua de Tánamo the rising of the river affects the low areas where houses are already flooded because the water level rises quickly. In addition, he assures that the population is safe and the authorities are working to evacuate people and resources in the affected areas.

The Holguin reservoirs are at 64.2% of their filling capacity, after the rains of the last few days that have favored the increase in storage volumes, the subdelegate of Hydraulic Resources of that province commented in this regard.

For its part, since Friday afternoon in the city of Bayamo several of its streets and main avenues are flooded, especially in the most historic part of the city, reports the local television station CNC TV Granma. The Granma Provincial Meteorology Center had stated that in the previous two days the rainfall had not been significant, but that there would be an increase and that is what happened.

Rains and floods are also reported in other areas of the Granma territory.

Meanwhile, the stations of Gran Piedra and the Universidad de Oriente, in Santiago de Cuba, reported accumulated rainfall of 54.9 and 69.4 millimeters, respectively. Damage to some crop plantations such as bananas can already be seen.

The municipalities of Guamá and Tercer Frente have also been strongly affected by the rains and floods.

More rain for this Saturday

The Institute of Meteorology reported that for this Saturday cloudy conditions will predominate in the eastern half, with showers, rains and some electrical storms that will be numerous and can be strong and even locally intense, especially in the south-eastern portion and last until night.

In the rest of the country it will be partly cloudy and cloudy from noon, with some showers, rain and thunderstorms.

In areas of showers and electrical storms, the speed of the wind and the height of the wave will increase, indicates the note from the Weather Forecast Center.

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