Heavy cargo carriers demand the release of blocked roads: "We are forced to turn off engines"

Heavy cargo carriers demand the release of blocked roads: “We are forced to turn off engines”

Various unions of heavy cargo carriers demand that the Government and competent authorities release the roads blocked by protesters in different parts of the country.

In this regard, Javier Marchese, representative of heavy cargo, announced that if the same situation continues, they will have to turn off the engines so as not to risk their units, the cargo and, above all, their drivers.

What we are addressing is not only to the president, but also to Congress and the Executive is that the rule of law be given on the roads. Through dialogue, through what the Government has at hand to use, that the highways be freed. We continue to be harmed. We did not come out of a pandemic, from some strikes and today from other strikes. And we continue to suffer. Who else is harmed is the national population. They are not receiving their products, their food, fuel, everything necessary for an adequate family life and that is blackmail on the part of these people (protesters)”pointed out in dialogue to Channel N.

The only thing we have achieved with this national protest – which is suddenly legitimate – is to legalize crime. Because crime has taken refuge in these protests and is destroying what it costs all Peruvians who pay taxes “. asserted.

He indicated that the economic loss due to the blockades is one billion soles or more. “The quantification is with all the realities. The tire workers do not work, the tap drivers, the loaders, the crews, everyone who is on the side of the transport is suffering from this situation that is abusive towards the population. We are forced -practically- to turn off our engines because we cannot continue risking our assets, the cargo or our driver”.

Marchese maintained that -for example- in the town of Chao-Virú a driver died and a heavy cargo unit was set on fire.

“There are two gangs that are fighting for supremacy to control the queues and are shooting at each other and in that sense they have killed one of our drivers and set fire to one of our trucks. Which seems totally illegitimate and irrational to us, which is why we ask for the intervention of the Executive, the Legislative and the President.” urged.

He also commented that they have requested to meet with the Minister of Transport and Communications, as well as with the PCM, but to date they have not been attended.

“They argue that they are in other problems. Today I think they have to take action on the matter because the engines are going to turn off on their own”, pointed out.

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