Colorados ask for a medical certificate that guarantees that Lugo is fit to be a candidate

Colorados ask for a medical certificate that guarantees that Lugo is fit to be a candidate

In the first days of February, the medical board that treats Fernando Lugo at the Fleni clinic in Buenos Aires, Argentina, would give a report on his state of health, this was announced by Óscar “Cachito” Salomón, president of the National Congress.

However, Colorado legislators demand that this take place to find out if Lugo is in a real condition to compete electorally in the next elections.

Walter Harms, national deputy for the ANR (Chartism), expressed that he is in favor of the fact that the nature of democracy is competition. Therefore, he has no problem with Lugo competing, but just as he likes competition, he believes that democracy gives opportunities to everyone and legal precepts must be respected.

“I give myself a small margin of doubt about whether or not Lugo can be a candidate. Regarding his personal situation, I don’t want to comment too much because I don’t know if his clinical picture allows him to have all the mental faculties that a parliamentarian should have. In the end it is a position with a high responsibility, which not only has to be limited to the proselytizing or electoral issue. If Lugo is in mental condition beyond physical, if he is in mental condition, I do not see the need to challenge him, “he said.

He pointed out that the only thing that can prove that Lugo is in good condition is a medical report signed by the doctors in charge of the clinic where he is being treated, who verify that the senator is able to develop a normal line of reasoning.

“We don’t know his physical condition either. These cardiovascular issues are complex. Someone has to attest that he is fit, as long as it is not Querey, it can be anyone, ”she expressed.


Martín Arévalo, national senator for the ANR (Chartism), expressed that his party rejected the possibility of presenting a challenge, therefore they did not present it. He affirmed that the PLRA’s presentation, which was rejected yesterday, was intentionally poorly done precisely to set a precedent.

“So that the court can justly reject Lugo’s candidacy to leave a floor of legality. On the other hand, the challenge period ended on Sunday. So what remains here is to confirm if Lugo is in physical and mental condition to be a candidate. I, for the return to March of the sessions, which will be face-to-face, if Lugo is in a position to be a candidate for re-election in the Senate, it is assumed that he is in optimal physical and health conditions. For this reason, he has to be at his job, receiving a senator’s salary, ”he said.

He affirms that Lugo is not well, that is why there is so much secrecy around him to publish moments or situations of the former president sharing with others.

“It is a montage of the people who want Lugo to be a candidate. Using his image to take away an electoral advantage. He has a group of people who appreciate Lugo. They will use that image to have the votes. Obviously, there are people who do not have the accompaniment or the popular warmth, for this reason they resort to a figure who is not in physical or mental condition, but they will still use his name and photo to be able to stretch in favor of people who do not have votes ”, he claimed.

Arévalo finally stated that he wants to visit Lugo in Buenos Aires to see if he is really fit.

“According to the information I have, Lugo cannot sign or speak well. We are at the gates of a great electoral scam that would be being set up, ”he concluded.

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