Abundantes lluvias en Cuba occidental y central. Foto: TeleSur.

Heavy and intense rains forecast in western and central Cuba

According to the Cuban Institute of Meteorology, during the next few days the rains will continue in the western and central regions of the country, and they will be strong and intense, especially as of June 2.

The Institute’s Early Warning Notice No. 2 maintains that these precipitations will be related to an extensive area of ​​low pressure that will cover southeastern Mexico, Central America, the Yucatan Peninsula and the northwestern Caribbean Sea, together with the remains of the tropical cyclone Agatha, which has already affected Mexico.

The notice, issued at 1:30 p.m., states that despite the absence of an organized system, forecast models indicate the possibility of a tropical or subtropical cyclone development in the next 48 to 72 hours, as the phenomenon moves to the northeast over the western Caribbean Sea, the southeast of the Gulf of Mexico or the west of Cuba.

Photo: BandBCuba.

The most significant thing for Cuba, he emphasizes, will be the extensive cloudy areas with heavy and intense rains that will begin to affect the western and central regions as of Thursday the 2nd, and that will last for a few days with accumulations that could exceed 200 millimeters in different locations.

Finally, he warns that attention should be paid to this hydrometeorological complex due to the saturation of the soil, mainly in low-lying areas with poor drainage.

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