Hearings for the TSJE will continue on Monday

The calendar of public hearings will continue on Monday, May 16, from 08:30 am, with the participation of the Abg. Dina Marchuk Santacruz, Abg. Cristhian Daniel Rivas Kiese, Abg. Cesar Emilio Rossel and Abg. Edgar Adrian Urbieta Vera.

To date, there were 11 candidates who have already presented themselves. This is the summary of your scores; Abg. Carlos María Aquino 19.87 points, Abg. Pedro Arias 19.87 points, Abg. Jorge Bogarín González 19.87 points, Abg. Emilio Camacho 20 points, Abg. Myriam Cristaldo; 20 points, Abg. Bartholomew Dominguez; 18.25 points, Abg. Maria Franco Gennaro; 20 points, Abg. Mirtha Isabel Fretes Arrow; 19 points, Abg. Nuria Reninseb Isnardi Martínez; 19.37 points, Abg. Gustavo Ariel Lopez Benitez; 19.62 points and Abg. Arnaldo Daniel López Echague; 19.12 points.

Citizens are reminded that through official mail [email protected] questions or complaints can be formulated, in relation to each applicant, even until the day of the applicant’s presentation at the public hearing.

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