Sebastián Yunda no ha cumplido las medidas cautelares dispuestas por el juez

Hearing is set to extract information from Jorge and Sebastián Yunda’s cell phones

On Tuesday, November 23, 2021, the hearing will be held for the extraction, analysis and transcription of the content of Jorge and Sebastián Yunda’s cell phones.

In the framework of the influence peddling investigation, where it is linked Sebastian Yunda (son of the former mayor of Quito, Jorge Yunda), and seven other people, the prosecutor Monica Tirado requested that a hearing be held for the fixation, opening, exploitation, extraction, analysis, materialization, preservation and transcription of the content of two cell phones that would belong to Jorge Yunda (not linked to this research) and your child, Sebastian (linked and who has Red alert of capture by Interpol).

The hearing will be private and will be held on November 23, 2021, in Criminalistics, in Quito.

Importance of expertise

Judge Maximum Ortega gave way to the request of the Prosecutor, for the information to be examined in two chains of custody, which would include Jorge’s cell phones and Sebastian Yunda.

For the Prosecutor’s Office, Having the expert information of these two devices is important, as there could be new indications —for example, about the movements of Yunda son— since there is antecedents of the information that was found on cell phones, which were fundamental for the connection of Sebastián Yunda and other officials and relatives of the mayor removed from Quito. (AVV)


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