Health system received $65 billion in 2021

Health system received $65 billion in 2021

In the second year of the pandemic, the Colombian health system received mMore than $64.1 billion to finance the treatments, medicines and health services that Colombians required by the Administrator of the Resources of the General System of Social Security in Health (ADRES), which transferred this figure to hospitals, clinics, laboratories, service providers, personnel of the health and EPS.

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Of the total transferred, $54.44 billion, which corresponds to 84.5% of resources They were used to pay for the health insurance of those affiliated with the contributory and subsidized health regimes, through the periodic payments that the State recognizes to the EPS to guarantee the health services of the population affiliated with the system.

This figure represents a 8.5% increase with respect to what was disbursed for the year 2020.

The transfer of resources for this concept had an increase of 12.79% in the tax regime of $3.23 billion, and on the other hand, the increase in transfers in the regime subsidized was 5.64%that is, $380,000 million, between 2020 and 2021.

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These resources were transferred to the EPS and directly to about 3,500 medical centers and health service providers, (…) to pay for the procedures, medications and other health services required by members of the system”indicated Gutiérrez Sampedro, general director of ADRES.


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