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Health and finance plans lead the ranking of consumer complaints

A survey by the Brazilian Institute for Consumer Protection (Idec) indicates that problems related to health plans have grown again and started to lead the ranking of complaints and assistance in 2021.Health and finance plans lead the ranking of consumer complaints

Of the total number of complaints registered by Idec, almost a quarter of them (24.9%) refer to health plans. Then come financial services (21.5%), other services (11.9%), problems with products (8.7%) and telecommunications (8%).

The main complaint related to health plans concerns abusive readjustments – 27.4% of the complaints involved an increase. Most of them concerned collective health plans, which are not regulated by the National Supplementary Health Agency (ANS). In addition, consumers also complained about the denial of coverage by health plans (16.2%).

Regarding financial services, the biggest complaint is due to improper collection, which corresponds to 21% of complaints about this problem), followed by information failures (15.8%) and debt renegotiation (13%).

In third place, doubts and complaints related to other types of services, the most observed problems involve contracts (17%), quality defect in the service provided (14.5%) and improper collection (13%).


Therefore, on Consumer Day, celebrated internationally today (15), Idec gives tips to avoid problems with health operators and banks.

In relation to supplementary health, the institute guides that the client harmed by an abusive increase in the health plan can ask for a review of the clauses related to readjustments with the operator, requesting that the rules be clearer. He can also file a complaint with the National Supplementary Health Agency – ANS.

After complaining to the operator, the consumer can still look for Procon or file a complaint in the site. If these measures do not take effect, he must file a lawsuit through the Special Civil Court. For actions above 20 minimum wages, the hiring of a lawyer will be required.

In the case of financial services, the orientation is for the customer to observe that the bill payment slip is not fake and check if the data is correct. It is also important to keep your computer’s antivirus always up to date and protect your banking passwords well. Idec advises consumers not to use third-party cell phones to carry out bank inquiries and not emails open on mobile.

To avoid problems with services, the institute advises the population to research the company beforehand and see if it has reviews on customer service sites. When closing a contract with the company, the clauses must be written in a clear and understandable way and contain information about what service will be provided, the term, guarantees, payment method and how possible problems can be solved. If the company declares bankruptcy after signing the contract and has not provided the service, the consumer must file a lawsuit to try to recover the loss.

These and other tips related to consumption can be consulted at site of Idec.

Other side

wanted by Brazil Agencythe Brazilian Federation of Banks (Febraban) reported that banks are committed to reducing complaints as much as possible and that this effort provides for the adaptation of products and services to the profile and needs of customers, permanent dialogue with consumer protection bodies to correct conduct and prevent consumption conflicts, building more transparent relationships with consumers, strengthening self-regulation and paying special attention to service mechanisms such as Customer Service Services (SACs) and ombudsmen.

According to Febraban, many consumers prefer to turn to consumer protection agencies or the Central Bank before looking for the banks themselves to solve the problems. But, according to the federation, the Customer Service Service (SAC) and the Ombudsman of financial institutions are effective in this resolution and this would have been proven by an internal indicator of the banks that pointed out that approximately seven out of ten complaints are resolved on the first call. made to the SAC.

Febraban also informed that it started to direct the demands of consumers received in the internal channels of the banks for the platform, administered by the National Consumer Secretariat (Senacon). The platform allows direct dialogue between consumers and companies to resolve consumer disputes over the internet.

THE Brazil Agency also sought out the association related to health plans to comment on the result of the balance sheet of Idec, but so far has not received a response.

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