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The former Minister of the Interior continues to snoop around in institutions that are highly sensitive to security and the fight against organized crime, despite the fact that he lost his position due to his close ties, as favors received from the alleged most wanted drug trafficker at the time, Marcus Vinicius Espíndola Marqués de Padua, main objective of the frustrated operation Turf and whom the deposed Giuzzio almost turned into a supplier of the State.

Source: The Nation

By Rossana Escobar M.

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The former minister of the National Anti-Drug Secretariat (Senad) and of the Interior, Arnaldo Giuzzio, who acted as a trigger for the official proselytizing campaign, using some institutions and trying to set fire to those that do not align with his objectives, such as the Public Ministry , whom he seeks to behead precisely since the previous months in which several anti-drug operations were activated, frequents the anti-narcotics institution as if he were an official in the performance of his duties.

Taking advantage of the benefit granted by Law 6667, which governs former senior Senad officials to have custody for up to two years after leaving the institution, Giuzzio walks through the offices of the entity, despite the fact that he was precisely removed from office. public for his links with Marcus Vinicius Espíndola, an alleged drug trafficker of great interest in Brazil.

Record of admission of former minister Arnaldo Giuzzio to the Senad, which was registered at a checkpoint on May 19.
Record of admission of former minister Arnaldo Giuzzio to the Senad, which was registered at a checkpoint on May 19.

Investigations carried out by our team confirmed that the defenestrated Giuzzio goes whenever he wants, frequently enters and leaves the Senad facilities with all the prerogatives of any highest authority, in this case, equal to those of Minister Zully Rolón.

The former minister has at his disposal two state trucks, permanent guard coverage. One of the mobiles is a silver Toyota Prado truck, owned by Senad, and the other is a Land Cruiser owned by the Ministry of the Interior.

In the Toyota Prado de la Senad he frequents this institution and due to the history of his connection with an alleged drug lord, his visits alerted sources to provide the information.

Why does a former minister dismissed for his links with drug trafficking and who recently dedicated himself to media campaigns to divert the security problem continues to enter Senad? It is a question whose capable answer is related to the latest political attacks that it has been carrying out through the official press, using reserved information according to its interests.

The Senad minister, Zully Rolón, rehearsed a very unconvincing version of Giuzzio’s “visits” to her institution.

Apparently loyal to the former official who gave her the job, the Secretary of State argued that in the context of the security coverage that the former minister has, she takes the trouble to take the truck to Senad for its maintenance. “He comes, in this context, to leave his vehicle for its corresponding maintenance, because that is our responsibility and surely when he leaves he is seen, but he does not have an office here, I, to be honest, once spoke with him finding him in the patio, I invited him to come in and it was nothing more than that, “said Rolón.

Marcus Vinicius Espíndola and Arnaldo Giuzzio at the time when they planned to do business through the Ministry of the Interior.
Marcus Vinicius Espíndola and Arnaldo Giuzzio at the time when they planned to do business through the Ministry of the Interior.

It is striking that, for the maintenance service, Giuzzio takes the vehicle to Senad and not to a workshop. Asked if this task does not correspond to the assigned driver, Rolón stated: “But we cannot deny anyone entry to the institution, I think he usually does that. But I don’t know why he deals with the general services directorate and also with the administrative directorate”.

It should be remembered that Giuzzio was dismissed last February 22 after learning of the favor received from the Marquis of Padua, who had lent the former minister a vehicle to vacation with his family in Brazil. In addition, it was learned through journalistic investigation that the alleged drug trafficker had been meeting with Giuzzio to do business with the State, as a supplier of armor equipment and bulletproof vests for the Ministry of the Interior and the National Police.

According to Rolón, Giuzzio only went to Senad two or three times during this time; If we take what the minister said, the vehicle that was given to his predecessor is quite problematic since in less than three months he went to the institution several times “for maintenance”.

Juan Manuel Jara, known as
Juan Manuel Jara, known as “JJ”, loyal to Giuzzio in ministry.

Juan Manuel Jara, known as “JJ”, although several who worked with him call him “Pepino”, is a staunch supporter of Giuzzio and whom he appointed director of intelligence for Senad during his administration.

Upon assuming as Minister of the Interior, Giuzzio brought his loyal “JJ” to this institution where he still holds a post and from where he operates to keep his political godfather informed. Very reliable sources even warn that “JJ” is in a strong pressure operation on Senad intelligence officials on statistical data to generate another political attack, through the friendly press with biased information such as the one that recently emerged from Seprelad.

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