‘Heading to Hell’, Netflix’s new Korean bet

After the worldwide success of ‘The Squid Game’, Netflix continues to bet on productions from South Korea. This November 19 comes ‘Rumbo al Infierno’, a creation by director Yeon Sang-ho with supernatural touches and fantasy.

“Although the CGI is a bit disappointing, the series is a work that leaves a deep enough impression to make up for it. There is no doubt that it will be the most talked about this winter,” writes Kim Seong-hyeon in his review for YTN. .

One sign of its possible success is that it was born in 2002 as an 11-minute animated short. Rumbo al Hell emerged in this format and later became a webtoon – a digital comic designed primarily for mobiles used in South Korea. The good reception of these two pieces was what led the filmmaker to turn it into a television series for Netflix.

Among the cast names are Yoo Ah In, the popular Chicago Typewriter actor. Along with him are Park Jung Min, Kim Hyun Joo or Won Jin Ah, among others. A cast that provides a great performance, according to the first critics.

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