Head of the Mincetur met with textile businessmen from Gamarra to promote actions in the sector

Head of the Mincetur met with textile businessmen from Gamarra to promote actions in the sector

the minister of Roberto Sánchez, participated in a press conference, organized by representative associations of the commercial emporium of where proposals to support the textile and clothing sector were shared, with the aim of promoting the economic reactivation of micro, small and medium-sized companies.

“From the foreign trade sector, since the beginning of the health emergency, measures have been taken to allow national clothing companies to adapt to the new demands of the international market, strengthening their capacities and encouraging their participation in virtual events that allow them to position their products. of exportation in different markets, in addition to providing free commercial promotion platforms”, said the head of Mincetur.

Likewise, he announced that the work in the textile and clothing sector will go hand in hand with the improvement in the cotton chain, including farmers. Therefore, within the framework of the Second Agrarian Reform, the aim is to increase the agricultural frontier, generate competitiveness and technological innovation.

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The press conference, in which the Minister of Production, Jorge Luis Prado, also participated, was organized by representatives of the Gamarra Entrepreneurs Coordinator, the Gamarra Emporium Exporters Association (ASODEX), the Peruvian Association of Apparel Manufacturers (APIC), the National Union of Textile Entrepreneurs (UNETE), the Gamarra Entrepreneurs Association, FEDEGA-PERU and the Gamarra Peru Business Association.

“Faced with the situation in the sector, the government of President Pedro Castillo proposes a strong multisectoral intervention at various levels for its recovery. These range from financial leverage (such as a FAE-Mype Confeccionista as a public fund created to guarantee working capital credits), restructuring and expanding the Purchases to my Peru program (School Uniforms, Hospital Clothing and Military Uniform), technological modernization through incentives for the importation of capital goods for the sector and the attraction of investments that strengthen the national industry, as well as the promotion of exports”, commented Minister Sánchez, who was emphatic in indicating that this government is committed to promoting national production and that from the Mincetur and the Commercial Offices the promotion of national products abroad will be reinforced.


The head of the Sector also referred to the start of the investigation for safeguards on clothing imports, which was announced by Indecopi on December 24, 2021. In this regard, he stated that this investigation should be completed by the end of June at the latest. next, where a final report will be issued that will determine the need to recommend or not the application of safeguard measures. However, Indecopi may submit a preliminary report recommending a provisional safeguard measure.

In accordance with the process established in Supreme Decree No. 020-98-ITINCI and amendments, this report will be submitted for analysis and decision to the Multisectoral Commission made up of the Ministers of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur), Economy and Finance ( MEF), and Production (Produce).

“We are respectful of the World Trade Organization and due process. For this reason, we will be awaiting the Indecopi report, which is currently in the phase of gathering information from national companies in the textile industry. From the Mincetur, we are going, within the framework of our competence, to support and follow up so that this process is carried out in the best way in accordance with national interests and due process within the framework of the WTO”, commented the head of the Mincetur.


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