Head of the "Barra de Luque" has the support of politicians

Head of the “Barra de Luque” has the support of politicians

Last Saturday, July 2, in the morning hours, Sportivo Luqueño visited Guaraní de Trinidad in the city of Cambyretá, Itapúa for the 15th date of the Intermediate Division championship.

However, an hour before the meeting there was a confrontation between the two organized bars of the visiting team; the «Chancholigan’s» and «la Barra de Luque».

In videos recorded by neighbors and fans who did not participate in the grezca, Luis “Lafu” Medina, head of the “Barra de Luque” is observed attacking a commissioner with fists. The striking thing was that on the same afternoon of that Saturday, the head of said organized bar already recovered his freedom despite the incidents.

This fight between the bars caused Luqueño to no longer be able to play in the presence of his fans during the next two games. Thus, economic damage will be generated for a club that has been going through a financial crisis for years.

The first suspension date was already fulfilled last Sunday against River Plate. The second would be settled against General Caballero de Campo Grande for the Paraguay Cup.


94.7 FM, Radio Azul y Oro, released audios and videos that demonstrate a supposed political protection that Medina has and for which he can attack commissioners, harm the Sportivo Luqueño club and go unpunished.

In the first released audio, the councilman of Luque, Diego Romero (ANR), is heard requesting a meeting with Medina from a commissioner. The commissioner would be Eliseo Gaona, former head of sporting events.

“I am Diego Romero de Luque, commissioner, by instruction of the president of Congress, I am a councilor from Luque and I am a candidate for deputy for Mr. Salomón’s team, there is a friend who is coordinating the sports issue here in Luque and is part of one of the the bars, the Luque bar. Will they be able to receive him, I think they have a meeting today. Anything we are available to help commissioner ”, reads the audio released by the aforementioned radio medium.

In this audio, Romero goes through Medina for a meeting with the then director of sporting events Eliseo Gaona. In addition, it is verified that the head of the brave bar has the support of the president of Congress, Óscar “Cachito” Salomón.


In addition to the audio, a video went viral where deputy Hugo Ramírez of the ANR (official party) is observed in the company of “Lafu” Medina. Therefore, his premature release from detention in Cambyretá, after attacking the commissioner with punches, could have had a political motive, according to the legislators who are close to Medina.


In another viralized audio, Medina himself is heard stating that Luqueño is no longer going to play at home since they have differences with the current board of directors headed by Daniel Rodríguez.

“It seems that this guy wants to test us (for the president of the club). Once we already threw tear gas at his tekaka court (for shit in the Guaraní language) ”, he commented.

Hugo Ramírez, deputy for the official ANR in the company of «Lafu» Medina.

Head of the "Barra de Luque" has the support of politicians
«Lafu» Medina attacking a commissioner in the city of Cambyretá.

Head of the "Barra de Luque" has the support of politicians
“Lafu” Medina after being released in Cambyretá.

Head of the "Barra de Luque" has the support of politicians
Diego Romero, councilor of Luque with “Lafu” Medina.

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