Government solutions do not satisfy the protesters, Amoacs affirms that the protests will continue

The measures announced by the government on cost containment, freezing the price of fuel at $3.95 and the inclusion of 10 products in the basic basket under price control, do not convince the groups in protest, as stated by Fernando Castañeda, secretary general of the Association of Dentists and Allied Doctors of the Social Security Fund (AMOACSS), highlighting that these measures do not solve anything.

He stressed that in the case of the basic basket, the working middle class is not benefiting at all, since not only those 10 products are consumed.

“The measure of freezing gasoline at $3.95 is a mockery, because fuel has already been falling, but the price of food and other products that have risen have not decreased in price,” he said, noting that now they are only lowering him about 10 cents and to top it off that this measure is not for the whole town and it will not be done directly at the gas station either, but in a digital deposit such as the solidarity bond “where we do not know if the money was being lost by placing the money with people who are not alive” , explained by highlighting that this is a “very dangerous game”.

Castañeda assured that “these fake measures” are not going to stop the protests, but rather they will intensify the pressure measures adopted by the population.

He alleged that neither the topic of medicines nor the situation of the feeding of patients within hospitals has been touched on, in which he assured that patients are given “rice with egg”.

He pointed out that it seems that this situation is part of the agenda that the government has prepared with the reforms and the report of the International Labor Organization (ILO) on the pensions of the Social Security Fund. “We need a return to the solidarity system and we all have better pensions. This all seems like a tangle to disguise what is happening with the ILO report”, he concluded.

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