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He was released from prison and hours later he was hit by a vehicle.

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According to the data, the fatal accident occurred at km 142 of route PY02 from the town of Coronel Oviedo, in the area of ​​Santa María Ñu. The victim was identified as Pedro Alberto González Rojas (44), who was serving preventive detention, located in the aforementioned town.

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Gonzalez Rojas He was released yesterday by warrant of a Criminal Court of the city of Caaguazú. It is presumed that he spent the whole night in the vicinity of the city’s bus terminal. In the morning he went on foot to his home because he did not have money.

Unfortunately during his tour, it is believed that a vehicle struck him and left him lying on the side of the road where he was found by agents of the Highway Patrol, who gave notice of what happened. In power of the deceased They found various items of clothing, G. 10,000, personal hygiene supplies, and a copy of the freedom document.

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So far there are no further details about how the road accident occurred, nor information about the car involved, since the driver fled.

The entrance He was released from prison and hours later he was hit by vehicle. was first published on newspaper TODAY.

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