He separated from the Socialist Party edila de Carmelo who stabbed another woman

He separated from the Socialist Party edila de Carmelo who stabbed another woman

Photo: Socialist Party
Photo: Socialist Party

The Socialist Party of Cologne accepted the resignation of the mayor on Sunday Ana Maria Diaz Franggi and condemned “any form of violence” after the aforementioned starred in a criminal act in Carmelo.

The PS expressed its “deep pain and consternation at the events that occurred and our solidarity with the victim, with his family, friends and colleagues, expressing our sincere wishes for a speedy recovery.”

They reaffirmed once again their total and absolute condemnation “of any form of violence, under any circumstance and in any area of ​​life, with the understanding that no conflict should be resolved by resorting to it.”

The departmental leadership of the Socialist Party decided “to accept the resignation presented by comrade Ana María Díaz Franggi” and to proceed with her resignation from the Broad Front.

For the PS, these types of acts of violence are “absolutely reprehensible” and asks that they serve “for the reflection of the whole of society.

The facts

On Friday night, Díaz Franggi stabbed another woman in Carmelo, according to local media reports and Colonia Police Chief Johnny Diego confirmed to the press.

“The mayor went to the house of this woman who is now injured and when they opened the door she inflicted a stab wound on her. An uncomfortable situation was generated among the people who were there, the injured person falls to the ground and the mayor leaves, ”Diego explained at a press conference.

The victim, a 33-year-old girl, was taken to a hospital to have her chest wound treated, and her health is reserved. The police chief added that he can make “a love or affective problem” between the mayor and the victim.

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