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He says they must eliminate the DGII tax rule

Miguel Surun.

The president of the Bar Association, Miguel Surun, yesterday “radically” rejected rule 04-2022 of the General Directorate of Internal Taxes (DGII), with which he considers an abusive attempt to burden liberal professionals with new taxes. from the country.
In your opinion, this rule on Incorporation, Permanence, Exclusion and Sworn Statement in the Simplified Tax Regime (RST), which was also rejected by the medical and nursing unions, should have been completely eliminated and not postponed until 2023.

Surun said that they are not going to allow liberal professionals, in this case lawyers, to be “scammed” by placing more taxes on them, because, he assured, they religiously comply with the payment of the tribute and are duly regularized before the DGII.

“We understand that it is abusive (the norm) since the liberal professionals, who are an important part of the middle class, cannot continue paying more taxes while the State approves, guarantees irritating exemptions in favor of the business oligarchy, who despite They have all the money in the world, they don’t pay a single penny,” he said.

He specified that all the affected sectors are united to face “this abusive measure” and indicated that they agree with a call for dialogue, but as long as it is based on no more taxes.

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