Pagó 11 mil pesos para que no publicaran sus imágenes íntimas en redes sociales

He paid 11 thousand pesos so that they did not publish their intimate images on social networks

Police agents, assigned to the Department of High Technology Crimes and Crimes (DICAT), separately arrested two men in the province of San Juan, one for extortion to a citizen and the second for taking the debit card of a citizen from whom he made several unauthorized withdrawals for a total of 65,000 pesos.

In the first case, through arrest warrant number 2022-TAUT-00377, he was arrested Angel Homero Sanchez Mendez, on Calle Independencia number 79, after being the beneficiary of a deposit worth 11,000 pesos, the result of an extortion against a citizen, who was threatened with publishing intimate images of him if he did not deposit the aforementioned monetary sum.

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While the second detainee is Claudio Arancidia Quezada, 28, accused of using a woman’s debit card, with which he stole the sum of 65,000 pesos in several withdrawals, in clear violation of article 405 of the Dominican Penal Code.

The detainee was captured by security cameras when he used the aforementioned card.

The detainees will be placed under the control of the Public Ministry of that city, for the corresponding legal purposes.

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