He is Pako Pa, the reggaeton farmer from Cundinamarca

He is Pako Pa, the reggaeton farmer from Cundinamarca

Diego Garzón, 26 years old, is from the municipality of Chipaque, (Cundinamarca) from the Querenté village. This young artist calls himself “Pako Pa” in 2017, when he started this dream.

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The singer comments that before starting his musical career, he was a lover of the fertile land of the fields of Cundinamarca, because from a very young age he collaborated in the crops. After leaving school he went with his brothers to plant big-headed oniona food product that sustained the Garzón family.

In the midst of his strenuous work days, Diego listened to the radio and appreciated the voices of different personalities that prompted him to seek his path in art, also on television he realized that the video and the choreographies were a bet on themes of advertising.

Thus, on October 17, 2017, he created the YouTube channel called Pakopa music where the first single was No Compromise and Chiquita. This music platform has 319 subscribers so far, but in reproductions it reaches 10,802 views.

Pako Pa has participated in events east of Cundinamarca and in a few months he will begin a tour of the center of the country, in addition his musical production will be available in streaming platforms.

According to him Mayor of Chipaque, Camilo Albeiro Pardo MuñozPako Pa is an example for young people and shows that talents are born in rural areas, that they are not always supported and that they can come to represent Colombia at an international level.

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Due to the above, the president of that municipality suggests to the mayors and governors of the country who invite you to fairs and festivalsso that Colombians know it.

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