No hizo el pare, atropelló un agente de tránsito y hasta arrolló a un motociclista, en Bucaramanga

He did not stop, ran over a traffic officer and even ran over a motorcyclist, in Bucaramanga

The driver was captured, now he has to face charges for attempted murder and assault on a public servant.

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From the traffic they stopped him and he ignored him, instead of stopping he decided to speed up the vehicle, almost causing a tragedy and now he is in serious trouble, in Bucaramanga.

Thus, in security cameras in a sector of the capital of Santander, the moment in which the driver of a private vehicle ends up running over an agent who had asked him to stop was recorded.

The images show when the official stands in front of the car to prevent the march from continuing.

However, the subject ignores it and literally throws the car at him.

The agent remains on the hood of the car while the driver continues driving as if nothing happened.

The march continues for at least three blocks, to the point where the reckless driver commits another reprehensible act.

Well, in addition to running over the guard, he ends up running over a motorcycle that was moving around the area.

transit and
He took the motorized.

The driver of the motorcycle ended up dragged on the ground, with several injuries after the impact and surprised without fully understanding what was happening.

He did not stop, ran over a traffic officer and even ran over a motorcyclist, in Bucaramanga
He fled but was captured.

Seconds later he gets up, checks his arms, the motorcycle and together with other people they go after the subject of the car.

They finally caught him

After the chase, the offender and reckless man behind the wheel was captured by the authorities.

About the case, it is from the address Bucaramanga Transit confirmed that the man will have to answer for several crimes:

  • attempted murder
  • Assault on public servant

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