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Half of the readjustments negotiated in November exceeded inflation

Half of the salary readjustments negotiated in November had real gains above inflation measured by the National Consumer Price Index (INPC). According to the Salariometer of the Economic Research Institute Foundation (Fipe), the average index of readjustments negotiated in November was 6.5%. In the last 12 months, the average percentage is 10.6%.Half of the readjustments negotiated in November exceeded inflation

Monitoring of collective bargaining is done using data made available by the Ministry of Economy. In November, there were 245 negotiations and in the last 12 months, 18.3 thousand.

In November, only 7.7% of negotiations resulted in agreements below the INPC. In the last 12 months, the index is 41.9%. In 42.7% of the negotiations carried out in November there was replacement equal to the inflation index. In 12 months, only 34.1% of the negotiations resulted in the replacement of the INPC.

From January to November, negotiations with a result above the INPC totaled 24.1%, while in the same period of 2021, this percentage was 15.7%. In the same period of 2022, 34.1% of negotiations had only inflation reset and 41.8% were below the INPC. In 2021, these percentages were 34.6% and 49.8%, respectively.

The categories that had the highest real readjustment, from January to November 2022, were the jewelry industry, with an average of 0.76% gain above inflation, private security (0.2%) and apparel and apparel ( 0.1%). Negotiations by newspaper company workers had the worst result in the negotiations, with readjustments, on average, 3.92% below inflation.

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