Haitians return to their country to celebrate the end of the year

Haitians return to their country to celebrate the end of the year

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By: Edward Fernandez

hundreds of citizens Haitians who reside in Dominican territory are crossing the Dominican-Haitian borderfor Dajabonto receive the New Year with their family and loved ones in their country, as well as to celebrate the Independence Day of their nation.

Foreigners arrive at the bridge over the Massacre River in buses from Santiago, Valverde, Navarrete and other towns in the North region.

Upon reaching that place, the Haitians They board motorcycles and other means of transport to travel to Juana Mandes, Cap Haitien and other cities in the neighboring country.

Many of the foreigners return with suitcases loaded with various belongings.

People consulted declared that they take advantage of the New Year holidays to go to their nation to reunite with their loved ones.

Others indicated that they are going for the Haitian Independence Day, which is celebrated on January 1st.

They explained that they plan to return to the Dominican Republic starting the first week of next year.

the exodus of Haitians It is carried out amid strict surveillance measures by soldiers of the Specialized Border Security Corps (Cesfront) and the Army.

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