Approval of Lacalle Pou plummets and stands at 39%

Approval of Lacalle Pou plummets and stands at 39%

Stock Photo: Presidency of the Republic
Stock Photo: Presidency of the Republic

The polling company Equipos Consultores presented its most recent measurement of public opinion on the government of Luis Lacalle Pou, which concluded that 39% of the voters favorably see the management of the right-wing president, while 38% disapprove.

22% of the people surveyed answered that they “do not approve or disapprove”, and 1% that they “do not know or do not answer”.

Equipos maintains that “the judgments about the performance of President Lacalle Pou reach the lowest point of the government period.”

It is the second such study conducted in December, and shows a 5 percentage point drop in approval, from 44% to 39%, and a 2 point drop in disapproval, from 40% to 38%.

The pollster said that Lacalle’s image is being affected by the case of Alejandro Astesiano, who was his former presidential custodian until the middle of this year when the mega-case of his selling false passports from the 4th floor of the Executive Tower was uncovered. , seat of the national government. “As a consequence, his net balance went from +17 at the beginning of October to +1 at the end of the year,” the company said.

When decanting the political spectrum of the people surveyed, 74% of those who define themselves as “left” or “center-left” disapproved of the president. On the other hand, among those who define themselves as “right” or “center-right” there is an approval of 72%. Those who positioned themselves in the “center” of the electorate are divided: 37% approve and 28% disapprove.

The survey was carried out by Equipos Consultores between December 2 and 20 in person to 704 people over the age of 18, residing in towns with more than 2,000 inhabitants throughout Uruguay.

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