Haitian employers call on businessmen and politicians to solve the crisis in Haiti

Haitian employers call on businessmen and politicians to solve the crisis in Haiti

The Regrouping of the Haitian Employers made a call to the businessmen, politicians and fundamental actors of their country with the aim of resolving the “unprecedented” crisis that has been unleashed in Haiti.

In a publication of the Haitian newspaper “Le Nouvelliste”, the conglomerate assured that it should be aware that the recovery of Haiti it is a commitment of the authorities of that country.

“All members of the Haitian business sector, duly concerned by the unprecedented deterioration of the socioeconomic situation and the living conditions of the vast majority of our fellow citizens, are called by our patriotic duty to remember the economic and political protagonists of our country its imperative obligations to envy the national interest and put an end to its provocations,” the statement said.

Regarding the call to politicians, the Haitian Employers indicated that it is vital and urgent that the tax authorities free themselves, quickly and efficiently, from their responsibility to collect taxes and customs and from the duty to enforce established laws and regulations.

“The important mobilization of financial resources, which should normally flow, will be done largely for the benefit of the Haitian National Police (PNH),” added the Haitian Employers’ Association, believing that this institution will be in moral and material conditions to more effectively fulfill its function of maintaining order and eradicating the growing gangsterism in the country, which affects the free movement of people and goods throughout the territory.

In addition, the Regrouping of the Haitian Employers warned that the time is serious and demands that the actors stop putting on the carpet issues that cause the same disagreements and lead to the same failures. “The country can no longer be held hostage by partisan political interests.”

The group affirmed that it is up to the political class to find a consensus around the fight against the terror that the armed gangs swear and the reestablishment of the security of lives and goods in the country.

Also the return to constitutional order after the establishment of structures that guarantee a credible and acceptable electoral process for all parties.

“In this perspective, the undersigned consider it necessary that a sincere and objective reflection on the rules of the political game be included in the menu of this transition, including the opportunity to review in depth certain provisions of our mother law,” the note specified.

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