Cabello to the mayor of Bogotá: throw whatever you want at the 'Aragua train'

Hair: the OAS is as it is because of Almagro

The first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello, considered that while Luis Almagro is in front of the Organization of American States (OAS), it would be difficult for said international organization to have any level of credibility “which it had for some time, if ever.” he had it.”

Cabello’s statements are given regarding the General Assembly of the entity, which began this Thursday in Lima, Peru, where the Secretary General of the OAS and representatives of the countries that comprise it are attending.

During his program Con El Mazo Dando, which is broadcast on the state channel VTV, the leader of the red awning asserted that Almagro’s visit to Peru “could be a sentence” for the president of that country, Pedro Castillo. He thus remembered what happened in Bolivia years ago. “Almagro was when Evo Morales was president, and a few days later they overthrew him, because that is the work of that organization that is at the service of the United States.”

He said that I hope I’m wrong, “but where does Almagro go and settle down, then they knock down the president.”

Nobody cares. According to Cabello, “no one cares” what happens in the Organization of American States and ruled that “the OAS is the way it is because of Almagro.”

“The OAS solution is to remove Almagro because if he were not there, what is happening would not happen. He did almost the same as Juanito Alimaña (Juan Guaidó) in the country, he proclaimed himself president of the OAS”, he stated.

Regarding a publication in which Almagro referred to an alleged debt of Venezuela related to contributions to the OAS, Cabello said: “charge us, silly, send whoever you want to charge us”, and added “that’s what they are; Some merchants do not understand dignity, that guy has no dignity at all, it is trade that interests him”.

Right off. The leader also referred to the recent actions of the Venezuelan opposition against the Government, pointing out that on the right “every time they are turning off they invent a bullshit.”

“This week they caught her with María Lionza; they no longer know what to do, say or invent”.

Likewise, Cabello ratified the union of Chavismo.

“Uniting everything that has to be united and adding to everything that we have to add in order to defeat the main adversary.”

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