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Haddad says he will keep using cameras in police uniforms

The PT candidate for the government of the state of São Paulo, Fernando Haddad, took a morning walk in Campinas (SP) alongside fellow PT presidential candidate, former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, and vice president Geraldo Alckmin. , former governor of São Paulo. Haddad says he will keep using cameras in police uniforms

Haddad said he will continue to use cameras in São Paulo police uniforms. The “Olho Vivo” project started in 2021 with the installation of body cameras that record the work routine of security agents. The candidate recalled that the measure reduced the rates of police lethality and also the death of police officers. “It’s to protect the life of the police, the citizen, the worker,” he declared.

The candidate highlighted that today is Northeastern Day and recalled actions taken when he was Minister of Education in the Lula government that helped improve the quality of education in the region, such as the creation of the Basic Education Maintenance and Development Fund (Fundeb).

He also promised the construction of three day hospitals in the region of Campinas and a single metropolitan ticket for travel between the capital of São Paulo and Campinas.

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