Gustavo Sánchez: “A mí que nadie me amenace con quitarme visa, que me la quiten”

Gustavo Sánchez: “Let no one threaten to take my visa away from me, let them take it away from me”

The spokesperson for Block of Deputies of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Gustavo Sanchez, today launched harsh criticism of sectors that threaten take away their visa of not approving certain articles within the new Penal Code.

“Nobody threatens to take away my visa for making a political decision, that they take it away if they want to take it away from me, total, I vote and take on issues based on convictions, but here there are sectors that want to lead there and who want here , and that is not possible ”, he affirmed Gustavo.

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The legislator expressed himself in these terms in the turns prior to the vote so that the draft Penal Code be known in the next legislature.

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