Gustavo Petro's wife, the target of criticism for an alleged sexist phrase

Gustavo Petro’s wife, the target of criticism for an alleged sexist phrase

Veronica Alcocer, the wife of the candidate for the Historical Pact Gustavo Petro, has been working hand in hand with her partner to win the elections for the Presidency of the Republic. For that reason, she has been in public squares, the media, making videos and moving on social networks.

However, in recent hours it has been criticized by women and feminist leaders for phrases such as: “You and I know that the role of motherhood is the greatest responsibility we have as women.”

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This has put her on the same level as Petro’s opponent, Rodolfo Hernandez, that has been branded as sexist for underestimating the capacities of women, by limiting them to the home.

Precisely, on Twitter, several followers questioned his statements and described them as discouraging. There are even those who speak of a contradiction between what Petro says and what Alcocer says on the subject.

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