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AMLO on the arrival of Cuban doctors in Mexico: “I don’t know why so much nervousness”

MIAMI, United States. — The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), ironized this Wednesday about the issue of hiring Cuban doctors during his usual morning press conference from the National Palace.

When asked by a reporter, AMLO denied versions that appeared on social networks that claimed that the island’s doctors had already arrived in the country and that they would be staying in military hotels.

“No it’s not true. It is that he is a cannon, as the young people say, ”replied the ruler to the journalist. Immediately afterwards, he called on “the spokesmen of those who felt they were the owners of Mexico” to put aside their paranoia with the issue of Cuban doctors.

“I don’t know what they have. What will be happening to them? I don’t know why so nervous. They invent, lie constantly. They bring me on the tip of the tongue. Not the whole town, it’s just a sector. And the spokesmen of those who felt they were the owners of Mexico. I would tell them to calm down. It’s not that big of a deal,” he added.

No deal details

On May 19, the Mexican government made the official announcement of a agreement in health matters established between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba (MINSAP), an agreement that included the training of specialists, research, vaccines and medicines.

Despite being questioned on the subject on several occasions, AMLO did not mention in his public speeches the salary to be received by the doctors or the percentage that will end up in the hands of the Havana regime, which is usually almost the entire amount, as they have said. for years the doctors themselves on international “missions”.

This Tuesday, Belkis Trimiño Chantez, a Cuban doctor residing in Mexico, denounced to the president of that country for violating the law on migration and professional practice in the field of medicine by hiring doctors from the island.

“One cannot practice in any country without a professional or responsive license. It would have to be a situation that really merits it, such as a specialty for which there was no person available in Mexico,” said the doctor during an interview with The Voice of the Borderlocal media of the city of Mexicali.

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