Gustavo Bolívar says that a gallon of gasoline should rise from $9,500 to $18,000

Gustavo Bolívar says that a gallon of gasoline should rise from $9,500 to $18,000

The gasoline price In colombia It continues to be one of the headaches for consumers as well as for the government itself, since its deficit is very high. President Gustavo Petro assured that the deficit in the price of oil is 10 billion per quarterwhich indicates a total of 40 billion annually.

“Almost half of the national budget deficit. It occurs when the price of gasoline does not rise“wrote the president.

It is worth subsidizing gasoline for 40 billion when the infant mortality rate due to malnutrition doubles?”, the president questioned.

The one who joined this proposal to raise the price of gasoline is the senator of the Historical Pact, Gustavo Bolívar, who assured that taking into account the international price of oil, the value of the gallon should be at least $16,000 and not $9,500 as it is worth. currently, and that many citizens consider expensive.

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“Gasoline price is tied to the international price of oil and TRM. It should be between 16 and $18 thousand. Duque did not raise it due to the electoral cost. This generates a deficit of 34 billion in 2022 to the fuel price stabilization fund. The problem Petro was left. We will do this,” Bolívar explained in a video.

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