Guillermo Parada's wife and Saguapac executives testify in the Prosecutor's Office for the ghost items case

Guillermo Parada’s wife and Saguapac executives testify in the Prosecutor’s Office for the ghost items case

At least three senior executives of Saguapac were summoned to testify, as witnesses, in the case of phantom items created in the previous Municipal Government administration. During the morning of this Monday, two managers of the cooperative went to the Prosecutor’s Office accompanied by their lawyer Otto Ritter. For the afternoon another manager will declare.

Lawyer Ritter confirmed the willingness of Saguapac executives to collaborate with the investigations, given that workers from the Santa Cruz water cooperative have been involved in this noisy case. He affirmed that, with these managers summoned to declare today Monday There are already six senior officials who have responded to the request of the Public Ministry.

The jurist observes something strange and striking in the questions that the investigators of the Special Force to Fight Crime ask the executives of Saguapac. “Look at you, all the questions they ask is whether they fired the committed workers with the ghost items, “he commented.

Ritter’s strangeness is due to the lack of questioning about the case of phantom items and the interest in knowing the employment situation of the former workers of Saguapac. The lawyer emphasizes that the crimes are very personal and the institution has nothing to do with the corruption network.

Last Friday three managers already declared, today another three are doing it.

Almost at the same time, atwent to the Public Ministry Francia Antelo, wife of Guillermo Parada, brother of Antonio Parada, main defendant in the case of the creation of a network of people who benefited from ghost items.

Antelo reiterated that he was unaware of the existence of the corruption network and that he also did not know that her husband, Guillermo Parada, is involved in the case. The woman, who is a Saguapac official, said that the time she has been married to Guillermo is short.

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