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Guillermo Bermejo on the nationalization of Camisea: “The term can be pleasant or unpleasant”

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Guillermo Bermejo on the nationalization of Camisea: "The term can be pleasant or unpleasant"

The congressman , from the Peru Libre bench, pointed out that the at the service of all Peruvians, whether with “pleasant or unpleasant” terms, when commenting on the statements of President Pedro Castillo.

“We must put gas at the service of Peruvians. ANDThe term may be pleasant or unpleasant, but it has already started. It is not an idea, it has already started ”He commented in statements to the press from Cajamarca, where a decentralized plenary session is taking place this Thursday, October 28.

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Bermejo responded like this when asked about the criticism against the head of state for the use of a double discourse, when speaking at one point about the possibility of “nationalizing” the Camisea gas, and then expressing through social networks that the Government respects freedom of enterprise.

“State companies exist all over the world. We do business with them in Peru […] and nobody is horrified “, said the official legislator on the possibility of a nationalization of gas.

Guillermo Bermejo also commented on the eradication of the coca leaf, after a congressman from his bench, Wilson Quispe Mamani, presented a bill on Monday 25 that sets out to regulate the cultivation, production and commercialization of the coca leaf in Peru. .

“If you have to eradicate (the coca leaf) you have to eradicate it efficiently. It is absolutely inhumane to tell half a million farmers that they cannot plant anything, that their coca will be burned and that they will starve “, said the congressman.

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Along these lines, the parliamentarian pointed out that the State and its inability to establish the number of hectares of coca leaf plantations that it currently has are an obstacle to combating farmers who act illegally.

“There is this inability of the State to coordinate with farmers, for example, concerted reductions (of coca leaf crops”, he concluded.


Announcement by Pedro Castillo about nationalizing Camisea gas impacts the price of the dollar
At the opening of this Tuesday, October 26, the price of the dollar is close to S / 4 after Pedro Castillo’s request to nationalize or nationalize the Camisea gas. This announcement has brought concern again in investors and different opinions within the same Government.

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