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Guillermina Kuno chairs the Bartolina Sisa women’s organization in Bolivia

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Guillermina Kuno chairs the Bartolina Sisa women's organization in Bolivia

March 23, 2023, 3:20 PM

March 23, 2023, 3:20 PM

In a hectic Ordinary Congress in the city of TarijaGuillermina Kuno, of Aymara origin, originally from La Pazwas elected this morning as executive secretary of the National Confederation of Native Indigenous Peasant Women of Bolivia (CNMCIOB) “Bartolina Sisa”.

Kuno’s election came amid a previous disagreement over the method of voting, as some participating delegations raised the secret vote and others bowed for simple acclamation.

In the end, they agreed by secret ballot that took place at 2 in the morning this Thursday at the facilities of the Sports Coliseum of the Juan Misael Saracho Autonomous University (UAJMS), which was the setting for the three days of the XVIII Ordinary Congress of the CNMCIOB. .

Congress of women of the organization Bartolina Sisa

Kuno replaces Flora Aguilar from Chuquisaca, of Quechua origin, questioned for her actions to seek the division of that social organization related to the Movement for Socialism (MAS).

The former Secretary of Conflicts of the outgoing board, Maribel Ávalos, was in charge of revealing the alleged irregularities of Aguilar’s management.

“He offered deputies and senatorships to some sisters to obtain support and divide the organization”, said Ávalos in the development of the event that began last Monday.

However, the former executive of the CNMCIOB, Flora Aguilar, He denied the version, saying that he is not a divisionist or a traitor and that he is now returning to the bases to continue working.

Added to this precedent were discrepancies among participating delegations, such as the case of Potosí, which was left out of the event.

EL DEBER evidenced that on the last day of the Ordinary Congress They did not allow delegates from part of La Paz, Potosí and others who did not enter the Sports Coliseum when the resolutions of the work commissions were being read.

At one of the doors there were struggles and feints of confrontation with members of the Union Police who prevented them from entering the place.

More than 1,000 peasant women of the nine departments dressed in their blue blankets participated in the Ordinary Congress that on its inaugural day was headed by President Luis Arce before his trip to the United States.

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