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Caixa registers profit of BRL 9.2 billion in 2022

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Caixa recorded a net profit of BRL 9.2 billion in 2022, accounting net profit of BRL 9.8 billion and shareholders’ equity of BRL 122.6 billion, which represents an increase of 9.9% in 12 months , according to a balance sheet released this Thursday (23) by the bank. According to the data, the balance in the total loan portfolio was BRL 1.0 trillion, with growth of 16.7% over 2021, with a balance of BRL 637.9 billion in the mortgage loan portfolio (+ 13.6%) .

BRL 509.8 billion in total credit origination were registered, with a growth of 16.6% compared to 2021; BRL 161.7 billion in real estate loans, representing growth of 15% over 2021; R$ 91.2 billion in real estate credit contracts from the Brazilian Savings and Loan System (SBPE), with growth of 10.1% compared to 2021; BRL 70.5 billion in FGTS real estate loans, representing growth of 22.2% compared to 2021.

According to Caixa’s Vice President of Finance and Controllership, Marcos Brasiliano Rosa, the bank’s result is not measured exclusively by its profit, but by the way it delivers results to society and the role it plays in the country’s development when it lends resources for everyone.

He highlighted that last year the bank paid BRL 308.9 billion in social benefits, BRL 123.8 billion in INSS benefits (9.1% growth compared to 2021), BRL 111.4 billion in benefits of Auxílio Brasil (345.7% growth compared to 2021). “These are significant numbers that I look not at the value, but at the number of families that were assisted and through Caixa were even able to maintain themselves”.

The balance sheet shows a balance of BRL 231.0 billion in commercial credit (17.9% over 2021); balance of R$ 102.5 billion in payroll loans (22.8%); balance of BRL 99.3 billion in infrastructure credit (5.7% more than in 2021); balance of BRL 44.1 billion in agribusiness credit, with growth (increase of 167.5% over 2021) and more than BRL 1.2 trillion in total funding, with emphasis on savings, which had 36.1% of market share, maintaining the leadership of the segment.

“The year 2022 was quite complex and controversial for Caixa, because we went through the biggest reputational crisis in recent years due to having the main director of the institution accused of sexual and moral harassment practices. In the previous management, we experienced a process of dismantling the bank from the sale of its assets, high turnover of employees in management positions and discontinuity in the bank’s planning actions and in its budget plan due to the adoption of controversial programs that generated losses”, he evaluated the president of Caixa, Maria Rita Serrano.

She explained that the greater profit in previous years was due to the sale of assets, a scenario that should not be repeated in the current management. “It is not our intention to sell the bank’s assets, privatize or open the bank’s capital. Our intention is to maintain Caixa as a profitable public company, with sustainability and focused on the development of the country. As of 2023, Caixa will once again be fundamental as a public institution for the development of the country”, she reinforced.

Serrano pointed out that among the actions under way to restore the bank’s strength are reviews of strategic planning, business and budget plans. She highlighted the resumption of the Minha Casa, Minha Vida program in the specialized service room for cities and states with the goal of bringing Caixa closer to local needs, since the bank is the biggest investor in sanitation, housing and infrastructure programs.

Serrano sent a message to Caixa’s customers by saying that the bank is solid, safe, and can be trusted. “And we know the need to improve service. All efforts will be made to ensure excellence in service to customers and the population served by social programs. This will be our objective in the coming years”.

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