Guido Bellido assures that since he left the PCM he has not communicated with Pedro Castillo

Guido Bellido assures that since he left the PCM he has not communicated with Pedro Castillo

The congressman of Peru Libre and former president of the Council of Ministers, He assured that since he left office at the PCM on October 6, he has not had communication with Pedro Castillo.

“Since we have left the PCM we have not had any communication and if at any time the president requires it, he will contact us, but we have no motivation or urgency to contact him”he told the press.

Bellido Ugarte was one of the 16 congressmen from Peru Libre who voted against the vote of confidence in the Cabinet chaired by his successor in office, Mirtha Vásquez.

Despite this and not having contact with the head of state, the former prime minister ruled out that there is a “break” between the ruling party and Pedro Castillo.

“We cannot be after a situation of an individual nature. The president will communicate at the time he sees fit but the bench is not going to bring a president to his knees. That there is no communication does not mean that there is a break “, he stated.

The legislator pointed out that, after the confidence obtained by the Ministerial Cabinet, it is time to “turn the page” so that Parliament and the Executive can work in their respective areas.

“I think we have to turn the page and go on to fulfill each one from the right place, we as legislators and the Executive as such. There are always moments where positions, criteria are shown, but now we are in a different stage. We are going to support the Government in the correct and adequate things that arise and in the things that we do not agree with, we will show it “, he concluded.


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