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#GuestColumn | The destruction of Mexico’s social competitiveness

1.- The nations that have ambition and national will they come to dominate world politics, technological advances, and global culture because they have a sense of destiny that fuels their competitive energy.

2.- The unified national identity it gives them coherence and social unity and nourishes a robust and participatory citizenry.

3.- The nations with shared opportunity they offer individuals the possibility to prosper, express ideas, innovate, create and achieve a fulfilling life that does not depend on belonging to a group, class or tribe.

4.- A active state and competent looks forward and its energy becomes the machinery to create conditions for development and to direct national dynamism.

5.- The effective institutions they reduce transaction costs and facilitate fluid interactions that allow the efficient operation of the state.

6.- A society that learns and adapts and fosters an open and dynamic intellectual environment, encourages innovation, and constantly reexamines ways of doing things.

7.- The competitive diversity and pluralism they produce advantages both because of origins, interests, and traditions, as well as because of their effect on authority, governance, and the degree to which people value multiplicity.

The study points out that the synergy between these elements -whose peculiar combination gives each society a special character- builds the social competitiveness and that the presence of a strong and effective political-business elite that does not seek individual benefit but the realization of the public interest is essential.

In the case of Mexico, we have a solid unified identity and, at different times, we have had a strong state to guide the efforts of industrialization and economic opening. The great cultural diversity and plurality is, without a doubt, an incomparable richness. Although there is no “manifest destiny” like that of the United States, our country has a mystique and a pride that identifies and projects it worldwide.

However, deep economic and social inequalities limit the possibilities for all Mexicans to access education and jobs that favor their progress. Mexico is far from becoming a society characterized by innovation and talent generation.

The institutions that can promote competition, trigger growth and ensure the governance of the country -such as the Supreme Court, COFECE, INE, CRE, INAI, CONACYT, UNAM, CIDE and others-, are relatively young, they have had a hard time consolidating themselves as autonomous or they are under attack from presidential power.

The corruption of governments of all stripes has also significantly weakened the administration of justice and the independence of autonomous bodies.

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